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Dear Reader,

Thank-you for visiting my blog. Here is a little about me and the Law of Attraction.  I go by the pen name Amberblue and live in the east of the UK.

Although my work history is varied, I have mainly worked in the catering industry in various roles. This included owning my own businesses both here and abroad. But after many difficult years I started looking for a solution to why things never seemed to go right in my life. And then I discovered The Law Of Attraction!

The Law Of Attraction Transformed My Life!

I can truly say that that learning about The Law of Attraction was life changing. I started to implement changes to my thinking process, and in time it completely transformed my life. I learnt how to create my own reality and now (even though I’m still evolving and creating my life on a daily basis) wonderful things happen to me regularly.

Thats when I decided that I simply had to share this incredible Universal Law with my readers and so created this blog. I have also written a complete overview and guide on The Law Of Attraction, which can be purchased as an e-Book or paperback here on Amazon.

I hope you enjoy this blog and all the wonderful things that, are coming your way by implementing the Law of Attraction in your life.

Happy creating!

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