Visualising Money Techniques

Visualising Money Techniques

What are the best visualisation techniques for manifesting money? The truth is that there are many. Everyone will have their own opinion. You may not like some of the techniques I am going to share with you, or you may love them. Either way, that’s ok, pick and chose which ones are right for you. Because its not about the end result, it’s about enjoying the process of being a conscious creator of your own life. You will always have more desires and dreams, so your creating never really ends. That’s why is so important to enjoy the here and now and every step on your manifesting journey.

The following techniques can be used for manifesting anything you like but, in this post, I have tailored it for attracting more money.

Step One

Firstly, I think it important to do two things. Number one – Identify why you want more money. Number two – ask yourself – do you have resistance towards money?

Let’s address the why. Most people would immediately say ‘Who wouldn’t want more money?’ or ‘I’m really broke right now and can’t pay my bills.’ And the second statement immediately indicates a state of resistance (more about that later). But you need to delve deeper into your mind and ascertain what it is you really want from money.

I mean, money is basically pieces of paper or metal discs… in itself it really isn’t going to change your life! The truth is, it’s more about what money represents and how it can be used to change your life.

For a lot of people this means freedom. Freedom to travel, freedom from debt, freedom from worrying if your going to be chucked out because you are renting and can’t afford to buy your own house. Perhaps it means being in the position to help another person or organisation. Maybe you simply like buying things, and that’s ok too. But money always represents an emotion. And that emotion is going to be key in visualisation.

Feelings And Emotions Surrounding Money

Some of the feelings and emotions you might feel if you imagine yourself coming into more money can include:

  • Relief
  • Freedom
  • Joy
  • Happiness
  • Fun
  • Carefree
  • Contentment
  • Safety
  • Security

You might be able to pick out more. Once you have identified these keep them in mind, because these are the emotions you will want to be feeling whenever you practise visualisation.

Step Two

Resistance against moneyThe second point I mentioned earlier is that you need to identify any resistance. Resistance normally indicates a belief system, sometimes rooted in childhood, about a certain subject.

Examples are:

  • Money is the root of evil
  • To want money is greedy
  • There is not enough to go around
  • Getting money is hard
  • Hard work is needed to earn money
  • I’m not a lucky person
  • I don’t deserve money

And the list goes on… But any of those negative beliefs you might be holding about money will almost certainly be hindering your ability to manifest money. When visualising money, you need to be in state of allowing. The above thoughts will stop the flow of source energy and keep you exactly where you already are. So how do you address the above beliefs?


Positive AffirmationsAffirmations are a excellent way to do this. To find an appropriate affirmation look at the negative belief and then think of its exact, positive, opposite. Form it into a short sentence that sound good to you and repeat it in the morning when your mind is fresh and unclouded and you could also repeat affirmations before bedtime. Here are a few I have made by using the positive opposite of the above mentioned negative beliefs:

  • Money is a force of good.
  • Money is good for me
  • There is more than enough money to go around
  • Getting money is easy
  • Money comes to me easily
  • I’m such a lucky person

Affirmations are best done when you have a quiet moment to yourself. Most people like to do them when they wake up or before bed, but you can do them whenever you feel like. At first, the statement may not feel real or right to you, but please persist, as over time, you will start to reprogram the way that you feel about money and then allow the abundance to flow into your life.

Positive Affirmations

Here are some more positive affirmations about money

  • I am a money magnet
  • Money finds me effortlessly
  • I am receptive to all the wealth that the Universe sends to me
  • Every day I am becoming richer and richer
  • Wealth constantly flows into my life
  • Prosperity is drawn to me
  • I release every block that held me back from receiving prosperity.
  • Wealth flows to me from all directions
  • I have multiple sources of income
  • I radiate wealth, abundance, and prosperity
  • Wealth floats around me daily.

Now that you’ve started to tackle any resistance and blocks around money, all you need to know now is how to effectively visualise it manifesting in your life.


Visualising winningVisualising is basically imagining. The super rich and successful know about and have used this tool and athletes often visualise their race (or chosen sport) before they physically do it. They know that it is scientifically proven to trigger a response and vibration in the brain as if they are really running and winning the race! Their winning vibration attracts success into their actual reality.

So, imagine if you are replicating that by visualising money. Think about all the  positive vibrations you will be sending out to the universe. The universe can only respond by bringing more of that into your reality.

Remember like attracts like. You are either allowing source energy to flow into and through your life, or you are in a place of resistance against it.

Emotional Guidance System

Your emotions are your guide. If you are feeling positive emotions, then you are allowing source energy and all of the things you have been visualising to flow effortlessly into your life. If you are feeling negative emotions, you are resistant to source and therefore not receiving the full bounty of what you deserve. Always listen to your emotional guidance system.

Another great law of attraction tool is vision boards. They can really help you to visualise your goals accurately. You can find my post on this here.

A fantastic technique I would like to share with you is the TV/Movie theatre visualisation technique.

Start by finding a comfortable, quiet spot to sit. Consider whichever feels more realistic to you… a TV or a Movie screen… and close your eyes imagining yourself sitting in front of the TV or Movie screen.

Imagine a scene from someone’s life… your dream life… playing out on the screen in front of you. Maybe its your dream house or car or perhaps it’s a tropical beach, favourite holiday destination or a beautiful garden or maybe it’s your actual room where you are sitting right now! That’s fine too. Its your choice to chose what feels most happy and joyful for you. Then try to sharpen the image and add sound. Make it as realistic and vibrant as you possibly can. Once you have done this, imagine yourself in that very scene. Watch as your image appears on that TV/Movie screen in your dream environment.

Take a moment to enjoy watching yourself on the screen interacting with your environment. Now, this is the key part. Imagine your actual self, getting up from where you are sitting. See yourself walking to the TV/Movie screen and stepping right into that scene, merging with the on-screen image of yourself and feel the textures of that room/car/beach/garden or wherever it is, under your feet.

Make It Real!

Raining moneyHear the sounds. Feel the light  washing over you as you stand there. Smells the scents. Imagine the joy as you are living your fantastic, happy life!

Next, see money coming towards you. Maybe its floating down around you, maybe you are looking at cheques for large amounts of money in your hand or seeing them land on your doorstep. Perhaps you’d like to imagine cases full of money on the floor or digits appearing on your bank statement. Either way watch as the amounts become bigger and bigger until you are literally so surrounded by money that your every wish and dream can be fulfilled.

Then imagine the pixels of this TV/Movie reality merge with your own body. You are becoming the pixels – you can even eat the pixels. Let this vision merge with your very being. This reality is now your reality.

Once you have finished doing this you can open your eyes, take a moment to enjoy the feeling of being rich and abundant and go about your life. Remember to let go and allow. Don’t try and force anything. This is supposed to be enjoyable not stressful.

You can repeat this technique whenever you feel like. The more you live with that feeling of being abundant and prosperous the more abundance and prosperity will flow into your life. Just watch as your life changes for the better as you create your own dream reality!


A fabulous book I can highly recommend around manifesting your desires is ‘Ask and it is Given‘ by Esther Hicks. You can find the link to preview and buy here.

Would you like more information on how the law of attraction changed my life? My e-book and paperback will give you a full run down on how to use all Law of Attraction tools to completely transform your reality. You can find it all in my ebook and paperback here on amazon uk. Or here in USA.

New to the Law Of Attraction? Why not check out my post on Law of Attraction – The Basics.


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