7 Ways The Law Of Attraction Will Transform Your Life.

7 Ways The Law Of Attraction Will Transform Your Life.

First of all, can the Law of Attraction really transform your life? The answer is 100% yes!

Think positive

That’s if you ‘allow‘ it to and utilise it correctly. It can enable you to build your dream reality and enjoy every step along the way. So, what are each of these 7 main areas?

1. Health

Why have I put health first? Well without health you wouldn’t really enjoy your life experience. After all, you could be the richest man or woman on Earth, but without good health… well… you probably wouldn’t be very happy!

Ultilising the Law of Attraction correctly, can indeed help you reduce or even eliminate health issues. Abraham Hicks has a fantastic tool for this in the form of guided meditation. They have a whole section on physical health which I can highly recommend. You can find it here.

If you want to really tackle health issues head on using Law Of Attraction techniques (especially mental health and anxiety), I can thoroughly recommend Blessing Manifesting. They have amazing resources from planners, calendars, stickers, workbooks and worksheets, cards and much more.  What I particularly like about Blessing Manifesting is that they focus on self-love which is the key to raising your vibration and self-healing. Click here to find out more.

2. Relationships

Without relationships of any kind, (and by relationships, I include family and friends) we would potentially be very lonely. But being in the wrong kind of relationship can also be very lonely. Therefore, using the Law of Attraction to bring us the kind of relationships we want is so important.

Again, another fantastic tool is the Abraham Hicks Guided meditation, they have a section on relationships. It can be found here.

3. A Home

Dream home with Law of AttractionNever underestimate the power of having somewhere you can call your own; a safe haven where you can express yourself however you chose. And that’s what a dream home should provide you with.

Not many people really want to live in rented accommodation with the constant threat of being hefted out the minute the landlord wants to sell. Or being unable to hang a picture or paint a wall without asking for permission.

Maybe you have neighbours from hell who play loud music or other anti-neighbourly behaviour. Or maybe you are the one who wants to play loud music without being harassed or made to feel guilty for it. That’s why attracting your dream home (whatever that looks like to you) is so important.

4. Dream Job/Career

Do you remember as a child you would say ‘when I grow up, I want to be a doctor/fireman/movie star/millionaire?’

By utilising the Law of Attraction and cultivating self-belief, none of yor career dreams are off limits! It truly depends on how serious you are about allowing all the goodness of source energy to flow into your life and how ready you are to tell your new story.

5. Soul Mate

I will separate this from relationships because although just about everyone wants to have family and friends, not everyone wants to find a soul mate. Some people are quite fine and happy without one. But for those that yearn for this special connection, it is totally possible by utilising the Law of Attraction correctly. Feel free to check out my post 5 Easy Steps to Finding Your Soul Mate.

6. Wealth And Abundance Of Material Things.

This can be a slightly controversial one, because so many people are resistant to wanting these things. Often, they feel that to want that stuff is above their pay grade, they don’t want to be seen as greedy. You might even feel guilty thinking about wanting more money.

This is where I tell you, PLEASE don’t feel guilty. I tell you now, money equals freedom, and that is a good thing. Freedom from worry and stress, freedom to travel and see the world, freedom from debt, freedom to buy that magical dream house. It isn’t about wanting money for moneys sake, it’s about what it represents.

One of the marvellous things about money and the Law of Attraction is source energy doesn’t know the difference between a penny, a pound or ten million pounds. It’s all about the frequency you are vibrating on and the belief you have in being able to achieve it. But the wonderful Universal Law of Attraction can indeed  deliver more money and more abundance to you, if utilised correctly and completely transform your life.

The same fabulous Abraham Hicks guided meditation has a whole section on financial abundance. Found here.

Alternatively the USA links for the above meditation are available here.

7. Happiness

Happiness and the Law of AttractionLast but certainly not least is happiness. All of the above is normally requested for the simple end game of being happy (check out my post on happiness here). And anything that you ask from the Universe or yourself, should be with that goal in mind.

Once you start to live a more grateful and positive life, you will immediately feel a shift in your vibration and begin to feel happier, or at least more content. Then one by one, all the things you desire will flow into your reality.

Transform your life!

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New to the Law of Attraction? Why not check out my post on Law of Attraction –  the basics.

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