Create a Law of Attraction wish list!

Create a Law of Attraction wish list!

Can our deepest desires come true? Does magic happen? Yes, and yes. With the Law Of Attraction, anything you want is in your reach! To make it happen you need to create a Law of Attraction wish list.

Do you know what it is that you want? Most people have a vague idea. Perhaps you want a better life? Maybe that entails more money, a new house or simply companionship. But first you need to define exactly what it is that you do want in order for you to attract it into your life. So how do you do this?

Well contrary to what you might have been told, you first need to establish what it is that you don’t want. This is called contrast.

Define your wish list

To start, you don’t need anything more than a piece of paper and a pen. Draw a line vertically down the middle so that you end up with two columns. Then head the left-hand column with don’t want and head the right-hand column with do want.

This will be the only time I will encourage you to ponder about the things that displease you regarding your life. Thankfully, because you will immediately turn your attention to the positives, it shouldn’t affect your vibration too much.

Think of the subject matter.

Maybe its money, or a soul mate, or a dream job? Whatever it is, list each thing that displeases you and that you don’t want down the left-hand column. Then think of its opposite and what you do want and list it in your right-hand column. Before long you should have a decent sized list of all the things you do want to attract into your life.

Good job! You are already on your way to achieving your dream. Now, copy all those positive things onto a new piece of paper. You now have your very own wish list! However, be sure to throw the original list away, and with it the negativity surrounding the subject.

How to create it.

Write a wish listSome people like to create a Law of Attraction wish list on embellished paper or notepad. Some like to keep it simple on plain paper.

Others like to write it with a fancy pen and add it to a vison or dream board.

But writing it with a normal pen or pencil on a scrap of paper and putting it somewhere you can look at it every day will do just as well. Whatever makes you happy!

If you are interested in purchasing a vison board I can  recommend a few. From Amazon USA click here for a cute cork pin board and for a fabulous magnetic one click here. 

On Amazon UK my favourite ones is this luxury one in soft grey or if a plain board is more your thing you can check out this simple cork pin board which can be bought in various sizes. It comes together with a few push pins to get started.

But please bear in mind while fancy paper and pens can make the process more creative and enjoyable for some people, in truth, no spending is actually needed to create your wish list other than a pen or pencil and a scrap of paper.

Next step.

I suggest that you do the next step daily. A good time to do it is first thing in the morning while your mind is fresh, and your vibration is neutral.

Start creating your new reality

Sit somewhere nice and quiet, and ponder for a few minutes on each of those things that you have written on your brand-new wish list.

Allow yourself to feel joyful, as if each and everything on there has already come true. Let your resistance to well being  drift away. Dont think about  how and where the things on your wish list might come to you. That can cause resistance and cut you off from your flow of abundance. Instead simply allow and believe that source energy – The Universe – is taking care of it.

Let this sink in and become your reality, because it won’t be long before the Universe will oblige and all those wonderful things will start to manifest in your life.

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