Allowing and the Law of Attraction

Allowing and the Law of Attraction

When people talk about ‘allowing’ in relation to the Law of Attraction, it often causes confusion about exactly what that means. After all, who wouldn’t ‘allow’ happiness, riches, an amazing job or a perfect relationship? But as you might have realised, it’s not always that simple.

Firstly, what really is ‘allowing’?

Allowing is when you are not putting up resistance to that which you want. Well why would you put up resistance? After all, if it’s something that you want, why would you self-sabotage? But obviously we don’t put up resistance deliberately, it’s something we do subconsciously. Normally years of conditioning affect us in ways we may not understand. We could hold subconscious beliefs that we don’t deserve it or that what we want is selfish or even bad. I find that this is often the case around the subject of money.

It can take years of self-work to root out your underlying causes of resistance, and it may not be comfortable to do so. Sometimes, the better option and easier route is to counter act all those years of negative conditioning with positive affirmations. I suggest using affirmations together with other tools like meditation and gratitude

This is definitely the route of least resistance, because dwelling on the past and what led us to that resistance, can only reinforce those negative beliefs. Another brilliant little tool to help break down resistance are these amazing little ‘Ask and it is Given cards’ by Abraham Hicks. You can check them out here. I personally love them and think they are a perfect little pick-me-up if you’ve had a difficult day.

So first off, you want to establish exactly what it is that you do want. Is it more money? A large family? A better job? A car?  But whatever it is that you think you want; it will normally hide a deeper truth.

Stop and ponder that for a minute. Think about how you feel when you imagine getting your desire. Maybe it makes you feel free, (the wish for money often is related to that) or love, peace or happiness. Defining that emotion is very important, but it’s only when you can vibrate on that frequency that you will attract what you want. So how do you do that?


Gratitude can immediately change your vibration

The good news is that the quickest way to vibrate on a higher and more positive frequency is to be grateful for what you already have. You might feel like you don’t have much right now and that it’s very hard to feel grateful or positive, but there is always something to be positive about. Whether it’s a roof over your head, food in your tummy, a friend or family member or perhaps something as simple as a beautiful sunset. There is always something good to be found.

Focusing on this and feeling truly grateful will immediately shift you away from self-pity or a feeling of lack. Those feelings are of a negative nature and will only attract more of that which you don’t want. But by focusing instead on things you do have in your life, you will change your vibration, and be on the path to creating your ideal reality.

Why not start today! Before you go to bed tonight, list three things which you are grateful for. Click here for my post on gratitude and how to implement this. If you keep it up every night, it won’t be long before positive change will manifest in your life.

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Perhaps you are new to the Law of Attraction? To find out more, check out my post on Law of Attraction the basics.

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