Law of Attraction – The Basics

Law of Attraction – The Basics

I have written this post to take the Law of Attraction back to basics. Because without a solid understanding of what it is and how it works, all the tips and tricks in the world will not help you utilise it correctly in your life.

Many people talk about the Law of Attraction, and in my opinion often over complicate it. While it’s true that there are many techniques and tools to assist you in your enlightenment journey (and many of these I will be discussing in other posts) the truth of the matter is, it’s really all about energy!

The Law of Attraction is always working in your life whether you know about it, or believe in it, or not. It’s the same as other universal laws like gravity; you don’t get to choose whether it affects you, but the crucial point with the LOA, is you get to choose how it affects you.

Law of attraction energy

We are all made of the same basic thing – energy!

Everything around us, from the smallest insect, to the largest planets are all made up of energy. We are all connected and part of a greater power. Some call it source energy, others call it God. To be honest it doesn’t matter what you label it. It just is.

One thing that a lot of people don’t realise, is that we communicate on a subconscious level with all of this energy through our vibration. In most cases, our vibrations are affected by what we are thinking. One of the most famous quotes regarding LOA is by Bob Proctor, who said, ‘Thoughts become things.’ And this is truer than many people would like to acknowledge.

Positive Attracts Positive

Generally, your emotions are the best indicator of whether you are in alignment with source energy, and therefore manifesting what you want.

If you feel a positive emotion – joy, peace, happiness, contentment etc, you are in the process of manifesting more of the things you want.

If you feel sad, depressed, angry, hopeless etc, you are likely attracting more negative experiences. But try not to worry too much, as it is not instantaneous. It’s normally a culmination of a trend of negative thinking over a period of time, rather than a few negative thoughts that will manifest unwanted experiences.

Simply speaking, and as Abraham Hicks so beautifully describes it. Positive and negative experiences and things are a result of either being pinched off from source energy or allowing source energy to flow to you.

This is why it’s so important to make a conscious decision to think or do something to change your vibration to that of a positive one. Whether that means going for a peaceful walk, cuddling your pet, thinking of a happy moment or visualising a happy future… well that’s up to you! 

By being persistant and consciously noticing your thoughts and emotions, you can actively adjust them accordingly. That’s when you will see an amazing shift in your life experiences as you shape the reality that you really want.

Please feel free to check through the other posts on this blog which go into more detail on how you can utilise The Universal Law of Attraction in your life more effectively.

Helpful Resources

Here are some helpful resources for more detailed information about The Law of Attraction and how to implement it: A brilliant book written by Abraham Hicks is called ‘Ask and it is given’.’ It covers the basic premise of the Law of Attraction and can be found here.

Another fantasic book and the one that originally led me into my Law of Attraction journey is by Rhonda Byrne and is called ‘The Secret’ You can find that fabulous book here.

I have also published my own book. It is a complete overview of most subjects within LOA and I like to think of it as a brilliant little pocket guide, or LOA refresher. It’s written in such a way that newbies to the concept of Law of Attraction should find it very easy to follow. Its called The Universal Law of Attraction – Create Your Reality and can be bought here as a e-Book or a paperback. Or click here for the USA link.


We attract what we give our attention to

Abraham Hicks (one of the sources of my own personal journey with LOA) so often says, ‘Life is supposed to be good.’ And whether you are allowing‘ that goodness to flow into your life is down to you.

In simple terms, positive thoughts bring positive changes to our lives and negative thoughts will equal negative experiences. But you and I both know that while Law of Attraction is simple, human beings are not! That is the reason I decided to write this blog. I want to guide people on how to best utilise the Law of Attraction in their daily lives and to shape their dream reality.

Would you like more information on how the law of attraction changed my life? My e-book and paperback will give you a full run down on how to use all Law of Attraction tools to completely transform your reality. You can find it all in my ebook and paperback here on amazon uk. Or here in USA.

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